Jacobie Olin


Jacobie has been involved in the hospitality and real estate industry for over seven years. Before Real Estate, he owned a successful restaurant in Downtown Nashville. Jacobie has built a strong foundation of clients through the hospitality industry. His degree in Economics has helped him recognize and adapt to the ever-changing market trends in Tennessee. He is able to use this expertise and market knowledge to guide clients through commercial and residential real estate, mergers and acquisitions, and investment properties. Jacobie has worked as an advisor on one of the largest class action settlements in US history. Through this advising role, he has learned the inner workings of a vast amount of different industries.


Jim Olin


Jim has over 30 years of experience in resort and second home real estate. He’s been the president and CEO of Northwest Florida’s leading privately owned resort management and real estate companies. Under his leadership, Jim helped establish growth and merge the business into one hugely successful entity. From their, Jim became the President and CEO of the world’s largest rental property management estate firm, where on average, he was managing a portfolio worth billions of dollars. His acute attention to detail, superior leadership skills, and extensive knowledge of the real estate market positions him as an industry leader in all things real estate.

Steven Perlewitz

Relocation and Investment Specialist
Affiliate Broker

Steven has been in sales for the last 10 years, much of which involved covering all of North America for a large international company. He has helped to close the very smallest of deals up to multimillion-dollar projects. With a degree in journalism emphasizing in business, Steven has a deep understanding of cause and effect in the financial and real estate markets. Watching closely the leading economic and housing indicators, he is better able to serve and guide clients in their needs.

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