Real Estate Mergers and Acquisitions


Real estate is not just where you do business it is a part of your business. When it comes to mergers and acquisitions, real estate is typically lumped into conversations about procurement or shared services. The reality is that real estate can provide opportunities for liquidity and cost reductions. The success of a merger or acquisition revolves around the thorough understanding of your operations and real estate portfolios and how they can enhance your bottom line.

At Olin Realty, we understand mergers and acquisitions to be major business events. We devote the necessary energy to provide our clients with unparalleled experience and expertise. For over 30 years, we’ve been assisting companies of various sizes to develop their real estate strategy. As a result, we are able to supply our clients with superior knowledge of every facet of the process to monetize assets.

Olin Realty Process


Due Diligence

Companies with M&A opportunities require a comprehensive audit of their real estate holding. Olin Realty is with you from the onset to help identify and consolidate to streamline the process.


Investment Capital

Capital investment encompasses a wide variety of funding options and is used to sustain operations or increase business capacity. We can assist you in financing your company’s assets.


Sourcing of Marketing Deals

Deal sourcing is a fundamental part of the M&A process. We can help nurture relationships between interested parties to quickly close the deal.

Mergers and Acquisitions with Olin Realty

We help business buy and sell on a regular basis and are experts in every aspect of the merger and acquisition activity for vacation and rental properties. Our interest is in helping you obtain the best deal by providing a level of expertise unlike anywhere else. We’ve represented everyone from large public corporations to smaller mom and pops looking for expansion opportunities. Buyers and sellers alike require clear criteria of existing rental/property management companies. We ensure these specifications do not overlap and are compensated solely by our clients.

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