Real estate brokers work to negotiate and arrange real estate transactions. They have the responsibilities of drafting contracts and supervising sales on behalf of their clients. As a real estate broker, they have higher-level licenses than an agent giving them more experience in selling complex operations such as foreclosure and short sale. They have access to increased marketing opportunities to make it easier for anyone buying or selling a property to get the most out of their deal.

Olin Realty offers their clients a thorough understanding of the real estate market.

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Real Estate Brokerage


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Our wide range of advisory, developmental, and brokerage services benefit both business and property owners enhance their bottom line. Over the years, our team has combined our expertise to assist and advise clients navigate smart investments and establish growth. We have the knowledge and experience of working with large corporations, but offer our services in an intimate setting.

We believe our unique and personalized approach helps you get the best deal. Families and businesses alike will benefit from our insider knowledge. It’s our responsibility to guide you towards success, and we do so with our comprehensive knowledge of the real estate market and trends.

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