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An investment property is a long-term or short-term endeavor that is bought and sold for a profit. The profit is obtained either through rental income or on the appreciated value at the time of the future sale. Determining the impact of an investment property hinges on the way in which the building will be utilized. Investors can help businesses and individuals analyze the market and ascertain the best possible use for the desired property.

Our experience as resort and second-home estate brokers, managers, and developers provides us with a unique position to help others find the perfect investment property. Over the years, Olin Realty team members have managed multiple resort real estate companies and helped develop across the United States and Canada. For anyone who is wanting to invest in a property, there isn’t a transaction that we’ve not had personal or professional experience with.

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Whether you are looking for a residential or commercial investment property, Olin Realty can guide you toward success. Over the years, members of our team have personally managed vacation rental portfolios valued at over $7 billion. Our experience is all-inclusive which means we can work with any budge to close any deal. Complete understanding of the market, superior leadership skills, and a personal approach to investing has helped engineer company growth by millions of dollars.

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