No, I am not talking about Van Halen, Black Sabbath or Metallica. As good as these bands are, I have never seen a heavy metal band become a hotel, a student housing center, or a Starbucks!

As the construction industry looks for less expensive, quicker, and better ways to build a product, many great entrepreneurial business people have turned to types of modular construction that reduce build-time and therefore lowering expenses. While the “lower end” of the modular space is nothing more than mobile home type construction, the “upper end” of the modular space has turned to a unique type of modular construction – steel shipping containers.

Shipping Container Projects

Our buddies at have become the leader in shipping container projects, and they have just scratched the surface. So far, they have created shipping container projects for a Starbucks, Taco Bell, Workforce/Affordable Housing, Apartments, and even an individual home/cabin in the woods. You can see a small sample if you venture to One City Place, where the containers are used for offices and a restaurant.


The Benefits of Building with Shipping Containers

What is cool about this type of construction is:

  1. The shipping containers are noncombustible. No wood at all, unless you put in a wood floor. All of which, greatly reduces fire related issues.
  2. The containers are termite and “critter” proof. Termites can’t eat through steel.
  3. They can be stacked nine high without much engineering. The sides of these containers are very thick and serve as the perfect load bearing walls. They are shipping containers, used to the riggers of being stacked nine high and coming from China via ships thru bad weather, salt air, etc.
  4. No rusting at all.
  5. They are LEED certified. Some of the best energy efficiency anywhere.
  6. All this at a 40% faster build rate than standard construction.

Don’t be surprised if you see a boutique hotel made of shipping containers coming to Nashville soon.